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Anaya Music: Bio

Welcome to Anaya Music Official site with newage meditation relaxation and brazilian music
Anaya says that music is the sound of light
Experiencing music is experiencing the holomonic uniqueness and integrity of Being 
Anaya's art re-connects love and poetry
the essence of life and light and the ecstasy of sound as music of the new age

Anaya music
Anaya is an unique talented artist - Composer,performer,singer, producer, from Brasilia in Brazil, although she has an international profile.Ranking of TOP Selling and HOT PICK cds in the latin genre in the
Interviewing Anaya is like discovering a world of artistic curiosities of a professional musician that is also a dancer and an instrumental performer since 4 years old: an artistic premature talented artist with a sense of self-taught person, she is also educated in dance, singing, art painting, drama, and maily in guitar, Piano, and in computers. With a Post-Doctorate in Information technologies in the USA(Syracuse) and PhD in England, Anaya has been travelling all over the world and has been performing in international hotels the pop brazilian music.
She has done 34th cd as an independent production that Anaya is very proud of. She is a virtual artist and promotes her musical work through an internet site, where she participates in chats and email with fans to communicate with her audience.
Ascap(1998) and AscapAward Plus(2004 and 2005), The Recording Academy(2003), AllMediaGuide-AMG(2003).

Comments from-( -Brazilian composer, singer and producer, peforming ambient, new age & world soundscapes hitting the top of the latin charts.Similar to R.I.Y.L.Vangelis, Kitaro, Enya, Derek Strait or Diana Krall)
COMMENTS FROM FANS ~~~ Anaya music is timeless! Close your eyes and get soothed by the new age style of Anaya. Relax,leave this world for a while,when you come back from the Anaya experience, you'll be more prepared to tackle life's challenges. Anaya, Playing your wonderful music,so many different voices, a multitude of sound. You have a very unique touch almost like a fantasy of the subconscious mind. How fluid and serene! You are my favorite!

Anaya - composer, arranger and producer

1 Background
2 Academic Experience
3 Professional Activities
3.1 Music
3.2 Painting
3.3 Communications

From early on people said Anaya would be an academic, and indeed she later on became professor of Information Systems at the University of Brasilia. Her many years dedicated to management and leadership overflowed into a deep understanding of self-management and self-leadership, using one’s own energies. However, throughout these experiences, music was always present, bubbling just below the surface.

Anaya’s experience in these different channels of expression, as well as in being an alternative therapist for 10 years enabled her to have an integrated approach to her artistic expression, above all in music. Her musical talent began to flourish at age 8 in piano and later on in guitar. She is the niece of Maestro Meneleu Campos and studied under Maestro Waldemar Henrique and Wilma Graça.

Dedication to all things beautiful brings wisdom and an appreciation of creation’s greatest works of art, the evolved human being. Besides music, painting always contained a certain seduction for Anaya, especially because of the colors. Her early years of painting were more like art therapy. Her ability with colors matured and as a result some of her paintings on canvas and porcelain were shown in art exhibitions. But music continued to play inside Anaya.

Between the ages of 14 and 22 Anaya actively participated in the music scene, which included music festivals, concerts, and nightclubs. Destiny led her to stop performing temporarily and live off of other means.

In 1990 Anaya again dedicated herself to music, initially as a classical singer and then composing guitar music. Anaya has over 200 songs registered at the Rio de Janeiro School of Music. In 1995 she devoted herself to studying keyboard and using computer and sound technology. Her earlier experience in computer science made it an easy transition to accomplish. Anaya was finally able to bring together the senses and technology. The balance and harmony of this union is fundamental to creation. As a result, the principles that guide Anaya’s creations are: the senses, technology, beauty, romance, sensuality, and art integration.

The essential factor in composing is like a “resonance with the emptiness of the universe in musicality.” Other elements are more evaluative, cognitive, and rational. The stage called music therapy is meaningful in that we access new forms of essential musicality within ourselves. Music consciousness is Noetic Consciousness, referred to by Plato as conscious awareness. Noetics refers to the highest level of knowledge in an intelligence system and the origin of eternal truths that transcend the communicative universe of logical thinking. Music consciousness is therefore the expression of this absolute consciousness. Anaya says:

“Music for me is the sound of light. Experiencing music is experiencing the holomonic uniqueness of being, the fourth holomonic dimension, where creation and creator re-connect. In this manner other dimensions of creativity and living the now come together harmoniously. Music gives us the support to integrate and transcend. The creator being has been present throughout time and music brings us sweetly to the present moment so that we can experience the essence. Music put to words is beautiful, just as is poetry put to music. It is culturally motivated. So-called essential music is pure sound – it is creation and illumination. The magic of sound appears amidst silence, in the emptiness of profound feelings of love and communion with holos, which the sound universe called sonosphere. It is a universe in which the soul takes shape. Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being. The musical instruments we play are simply interfaces of compilations between us and the concrete world, in that the sound of the spheres is inaudible without interface. Essential music is simply being.”

The Fundamental Principles of Anaya’s Art:

The Senses, Sensuality, Beauty, Lyrical Romanticism

Through art Anaya re-connects love and poetry, the essence of life and light, and the ecstasy of sound as music of the new age. The desire for essential nature causes people to transcend their own nature and find their essential being in order to live life in the universe of the soul.

Anaya labored for many years in the computer science field. She has a Master’s and PhD in Information Systems, completed a post-doctorate degree in Leadership, and taught as a visiting professor at the Syracuse University in the United States. She has had over 10 books and 70 papers published in Brazil and abroad. Having continuously traveled giving lectures, holding conferences, and teaching specialization courses in Brazil and abroad through national and international organizations, Anaya has held many positions in business and entrepreneurial leadership, as well as in academic research.

Anaya also dedicated herself to the field of alternative therapy related to integrating the physical body to the spiritual body. She concluded these activities by publishing two books: one about the method of “Reiki; Spiritual Energy of the Universe” and another book about knowledge entitled “Paths of Life.”

Anaya is a poet and has published the books: “Affection,” “My Shadow and I,” “Mayda,” and “Winged Being.”

Piano: Maestro Meneleu Campos and Maestro Waldemar Henriques, Sulamita
Guitar: Mario Santos, De Campos Ribeiro, Gamela
Music Theory and Harmony: Wilma Graça
Arrangements and Orchestration: Maestro Hermelino Castelo Branco and Carlos Pacheco.
Lyrical Singing: Lenine Santos, Francisco Frias, Claudia Costa (Musimed), Robert Richards (Syracuse University)

As a singer, Anaya was accompanied by Maestro Hermelino Castelo Branco on the piano.

3. Professional Activities
3.1 Music
Performances and Participations:
 Belém, Para: finalist at the Paraense Brazilian Popular Music Festival (Festival Paraense de MPB).
 Rio de Janeiro, RJ: top ten finalist at The Brazilian Popular Music University Festival (Festival Universitário de MPB).
 Geneva, Switzerland: song and guitar performance at the Vieilles Pierres Auditorium.
 Geneva, Switzerland: two concert performances sponsored by Varig airlines, one being at the Hotel Ville and the other at the Hotel Internationalle.
 Brasilia, Brazil: (member of Independent Society of Musical Composers and Authors – SICAM/SO/Brazil)
1. Public classical performance of songs from Scarlatti at the Musimed School of Music, 1992.
2. Song, guitar and poetry presentation from the book, “Mayda” at the Candango Auditorium at the University of Brasilia, 1993.
3. Classical performances at soirees at the Brasilia Opera Association and the Theosophical Society, presenting songs by Saenz, Bizet, and Gershwin, 1992 and 1993.
4. Singing participation on the CD entitled “Magic” (Magia) presented on the TV program “Brasilia Urgente” on the TV Bandeirante channel, and on the radio program “Piano at Dusk,” broadcast on Brasilia Super FM Radio, in December 1997.
5. Participation through interview and song on the Super FM Radio, Brasilia News, about the CD “Magic” in January 1998 and about the CD “Ways” (Caminhos) in 1999.
6. Participation through interview and song on National Radio about the CD “Magic” in January 1998.
7. Opening night concert for “Magic” at the Music Palace of the Tennis Academy in Brasilia, May 1998. (Participating musicians: Flavinho on guitar, Daniel Jr. on bass, Batata on percussion, Anaya on vocals and guitar.)

1. First CDs:
“Magic” (Magia) - MPB style, 1998
“Ways” (Caminhos) - New Age style, 1998
“Traveler” (Viajante) - MPB style, 1999
“Wings of Freedom” (Asa da Liberdade) Instrumental MPB style, 1999
“Anaya: In Concert” - New Age style, 1999

2. In 1998-1999 Anaya solidified her calling to instrumental New Age music and recorded under Aldeia Discos, a recording company in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and under SpinRecords, a recording company in the USA:
The “Ways of Creation” (Caminhos da Criação) Collection, which includes “Beyond” and “Infinite Melody” (Infinita Melodia) - New Age style, 1999
“Ecstasy” (Êxaste) - New Age style, 1999
“Meeting” (Encontro) - meditations and poetry set to music, 1999
“Vibrations” - New Age, World Music style, 1999
“4 Deternity” - World Music style, 1999
“LoveFlower” - New Age style, piano, 2000
“Tedeum” - New Age style, 2000
“Overspace” - World Music style
“Overspace” - Video/VHS, 2001
“Self Music” - New Age style for relaxation, 2001(only published in 2007)
“Overpop” - Melodic and Pop Trance style, 2001
“Anaya Music – Relax” - New Age style for relaxation, 2001
“Overspace” - CD-Rom, 2002
“Prayer” - New Age style for relaxation, 2002
“Pop Symphony” - Pop Trance and Melodic Trance, 2002

In 1998 Anaya produced all her albums, became a member of ASCAP(American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and later of The Recording Academy in 2003 in the USA, and has currently been qualified as a member of the Grammy Awards jury.

Launched up until 2013

ALIGNED is a cosmic vision of Anaya Music. The composer had other albums with the cosmos as a theme: Space songs collection, Cosmic Light and now the album ALIGNED in the universe. It is a newage musical work to relax, dream about our beautiful universe.
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2013

Skywalker in the universe
is a single of one of the tracks of the album Aligned in the universe, about a cosmic journey during 2012.
Genre: newage
Release date: 2013

2012 Clips:
Love symphony
Overspace Mov. II. E III
Genre: newage
Releasebdate: 2012

Cosmic Light is an album in 9 movements. Very relaxing for meditation.
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2011

-Songbook III
SongBook III includes newage songs with scores for musicians. Enjoy!
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2011

This music has been created to help you developing inner peace, calmness and quietness. Dreaming, relaxation and mood newage music for your soul. dedicated to Angels and God for the Enlightment of our beloved Earth.Be activelly calm and calmlly active.
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2009

-Song Book - newgae style
This is a Song Book II with scores and notation for musicians in newage styles. The arrangements are orquestral and the song Love Day has lyrics.
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2009

2007 -SELF MUSIC- meeting your ineer peace
Meeting your Inner peace, for meditation, relaxation and smooth sounds
Genre: New Age: Meditation
Release Date: 2007

-Anaya Music- Laman - A galaxy Adventure( also the clip)
A selection of Anaya songs for the adventures in the galaxy to meet the source of life through the Aonki universe gate.
Genre: New Age: Relaxation
Release Date: 2007

New age - ambient, smoth voices and dreaming environment of beauty,music to the self inner peace. It has been created after my mother went to another dimension of the universe.
Genre: New Age: Ambient
Release Date: 2006

-2005 - OVERPOP(new release)
Trance,disco, electronic,newage, dancing and relaxing.
Genre: Electronic: Trance
Release Date: 2005

Soft brazilian music, bossa nova, pop, accoustic guitar with lyrics in portuguese. First cd Unplugged by Anaya...
Genre: Latin: Brazilian Jazz
Release Date: 2004

2003 -Collection 2003
The sound and tone are definitely Brazilian pop. Overall, most aspects of this CD are nicely Produced and fit well together. Overall, this is a relaxing piece of Brazilian music. It resembles the like of Antonio Carlos Jobim in many ways.
Genre: Latin: Brazilian Jazz
Release Date: 2003

Driving you to your real Self - Relaxation - heart music
Genre: Easy Listening: Mood Music
Release Date: 2003

A great CD to inspire and a talented artist, this is a wonderful sequence of musical tunes and sounds. Playing this wonderfully Cd makes you feel in heaven.
Genre: Easy Listening: Mood Music
Release Date: 2003

Timeless-Brazilian composer, singer and producer, peforming ambient-new age-pop & world soundscapes hitting the top of the latin charts.
Genre: New Age: Ambient
Release Date: 2003

-Song Book. 1/2003
Musical score and notation of Brazilian popular songs and classical songs for singers.Includes a Cd with all the arrangements.
Genre: Classical: Madrigals
Release Date: 2003

2001 -AnayaMusic-RELAX
Newage for relaxation.
Genre: Easy Listening: Mood Music
Release Date: 2001

2001 - Overspace in CD-Rom, Brazil
Overspace in VHS, Brazil
Promoshow Collection, Brazil
Dimensions CD - Wings, USA
Movie soundtrack for Luminence Films, USA
CD insert for Audio and Video Magazine (Revista Áudio e Vídeo), Brazil
CD insert for Quality of Life Magazine (Revista Qualidade de Vida), Brazil
CD insert for Mp3 Magazine, Brazil
Transmissions Collection from Space 380, USA

2000 -Anaya
Started in 1996 with brazilian music and now is one person keyboard programming in new age/brazilian music/pop-trance style.
Genre: New Age: New Age
Release Date: 2000

Started in 1996 with brazilian music and now is one person keyboard programming in new age style.
Genre: New Age: New Age
Release Date: 2000

Started in 1996 with brazilian music and now is one person keyboard programming in new age/brazilian music/pop-trance style.
Genre: New Age: New Age
Release Date: 2000

2000 Ecstasy (Êxtase), Brazil
4D Eternity, Brazil

Infinite Melody, Brazil
Loveflower, Brazil
Beyond, Brazil
Vibrations, Brazil/USA
Love Traveler (Viajante do Amor), Palace concert, Brazil
Meeting (Encontro), poems and meditation, Brazil
Golden Age Collection, Brazil
Librettos for New Age musicals:
Vibrations I e II
The Gypsy (A Cigana)
New Dimensions
Self Music (inner contact)

1999 In Concert CD, Brazil
Librettos for New Age musicals:
Ways of Creation (Caminhos da Criação)
The Rose Flower Theme (Tema da Rosa Flor)

1998 -Caminhos CD, Brazil
-Wings of Freedom (Asas da Liberdade) instrumental CD, Brazil
-Magic (Magia) CD, Brazil

Artist description:
Anaya’s music is produced in a home studio where she can record, perform, and produce her own musical work.
Music Style
Ambient-New Age for relaxation, Brazilian Popular Music /Melodic Trance/electronic symphony
Musical Influences
Bossa Nova, Classical and New Age
Similar Artists
Kevin Kern, Vangelis, Yanni, Enya, Schubert, Tom Jobim, Pink Floyd
She has devoted many years to composing, musical arrangements, and producing her own musical work. Early on in her career, her music showed the influence of the Brazilian Bossa Nova style. But in 1995 the New Age style came into her music permanently. More recently, trance music inspired her to create a unique style she calls Overpop. Anaya is an independent artist and produces the great majority of her music in her home studio. Her music has been promoted in music and internet magazines, spiritual guides, and music/shopping sites.
Keyboards, guitars, synthesizers, and drums
Press Reviews
Internet sites where you find Anaya -

News excepts from the Internet:
1) From the World Music genre – “Anaya confirms the power of the Internet to promote artists.” Anaya initially advertised her artistic work independently on Internet, until one day she was discovered by the SpinRecords label based in California and was immediately offered a contract. This step earned her a respectable discography of 21 albums launched in the USA and in Europe.

2) The song entitled "Tedeum" – dedicated to the angels, to God and to the enlightened Being in ourselves – is having so much acceptance by the public that the SpinRecords label decided to make an album entitled "Tedeum," which has been among the Top 10 of SpinRecords and the Brazilian site since April, 2000. The review by Justin Garcia, musical editor of a recording company in the United States, says: “So, you had a bad day at work. There was an accident on the highway. It took you twice as long to get home in the rush hour commute. Ok, so you finally make it home, you plop down on your coach. Now what? What do you do to relax? If it's a Jack and Coke, that's fine, whatever does the trick. But try something healthier. Listen to Anaya's CD, Tedeum. Close your eyes and get soothed by the New Age style that permeates the six tracks. Escape the corporate world (this is a great CD to bring to the office) and much like the Star Trekkers, get beamed to another planet. You will be transported to resplendent and rich fields of flowers. Your mind will feel at ease in an out-of this-world landscape. Babbling brooks will make you forget about the bills you have to pay and other mundane and petty tasks that sometimes overwhelm us. Anaya is a Brazilian artist and an intelligent one at that. She was a Fulbright scholar from Syracuse University. Her musical education began with piano at age eight, and then with guitar at age 13. Her many years of music composition, arrangement, and production work translate well into Tedeum. Oh yeah, this is a great soundtrack for Yoga also. Relax. Leave this world for a while. When you come back from the Anaya experience, you'll be more prepared to tackle life's challenges.

3) The songs "Beyond" and "Skies" that are movie themes and belong to the "Golden age collection" made up of 2 albums entitled "Beyond" and "Infinite melody" have been in the International Top hits on sites in France and in the USA for several months.

4) A review by Senator Arthur da Tavola, a musical editor that broadcasts a Brazilian music program on the Congress FM Radio, states: " Anaya’s music is very pleasant to listen to and has a great impact on the senses that flows through her inspirational kind of music. Congratulations, Anaya."

5) In a press release by the Brazilian Post, music editor Irlam Lima writes: “The need to compose music and present it to the public has taken Anaya back to her musical origins. She is now creating her own arrangements and productions."

6) The feminine talent revelation: the song "Horseman Experiences” (Vivências de Cavaleiro) by Tania Mara (Anaya’s previous name) was selected by the Brazilian Song Festival and the International Song Festival of popular music held in Brazil. “She knows what she wants,” they said, and she is considered a promising talent.

7) An fan from affirms: “I'm going to Europe next week to present my work and search for a record deal. “Tedeum” will resonate in me through my journey and will keep me calm and focused.” (Canada)

8) An artist and fan from insists: "I forgot to tell you, I was having a real stressful, tiring day on Friday and put your music on and it did for me what it was intended to do ... released a lot of stress! I loved your music ... thanks! Billy

9) A fan comments: Harmony and a sense of profundity as the music plays. I listened to a sample on the Internet and really liked it. Congratulations! I ordered a CD, so I can listen to it fully.

10) John D. exudes: ANAYA, playing your wonderful music this morning. Breakfast with Anaya. I have you cued up and streaming. So many different voices, a multitude of sound. You have a very unique touch almost like a fantasy of the subconscious mind. How fluid and serene!

11) A fan from expresses: Sitting around the house playing your wonderful music. All my musical friends at MP3 are so talented and it is so nice to have a musical family. Your opinions and comments are always welcome. In fact I live for that!! It is truly an honor to be associated with you. Your hard work and diligence is inspiring. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. I have had the pleasure of seeing you grow and expand your horizons of music. You are my favorite. Love and Peace. Listen to Anaya Music and feel peace inside your real self.